Sponsored Posts Contract Template For Your Business

Lawyer approved Sponsored Posts contract template you NEED to collaborate with brands to produce sponsored content (blog posts, social media posts or videos) and build lasting relationships! All my legal templates are trusted by thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs!  This contract template includes all the terms you need to protect yourself legally and financially! 

What Others Say

  • I have known Amira for a while now. She is amazing! 

    I just got her sponsored posts contract and it was exactly what I needed. It covered every aspect of a contract that I knew I wanted to have in place. 

    I have been doing sponsored posts for years and most of my sponsors write them. But, with some of my situations, I had to make my own. 

    This takes the guesswork out of making sure that I am covering myself and my interests when it comes to sponsored work.

    It is worth every single penny!!

    Tracie Fobes, Founder of Tracie Fobes & Penny Pinchin' Mom

  • As a blogger that earns a portion of my income from sponsored posts, I was so excited to see that Amira has a Sponsored Post Contract template in her shop!

    The legal side of sponsored work is always a little intimidating because it’s not my specialty and it’s difficult to know if you have all of your bases covered. Amira’s Sponsored Post Contract takes all of that uncertainty away. 

    The contract is super detailed and it covers everything that you need to include in your partnership agreement. Even things that a lot of influencers don’t think about, like who gets to retain full ownership of your work when the job is done. This is especially helpful for newer bloggers or influencers that might forget to clarify what they’re offering or expecting in the exchange! 

    Even though the contract template is very comprehensive, it’s still straight forward and easy to customize for the average user. It seriously makes my job so easy and takes all of the guess work away, for me AND the company that I’m working with on a sponsored post. 

    It’s soooo worth paying a small one-time fee for this contract template and then having that protection every time you do a sponsored post.

    Thank you again Amira, your hard work creating these templates has made my job so much easier!​

    Cate Rosales, Founder of Sweet and Simple Life

  • Starting a blog can be stressful and having the proper legal paperwork in order is even more stressful. Before I discovered Amira's legal paperwork, I was so lost and overwhelmed. I was looking at lots of free templates but felt as if none of them addressed my blogging needs. I didn't feel comfortable using something so generic. I am so happy with my purchase of Amira's Legal Bundle and Sponsored Posts contract. All of her templates are professionally written and highly customizable depending on my needs. I was able to customize it within minutes and it was ready for use. She also gave me a few free bonuses which were highly appreciated. I love that Amira is an experienced lawyer. I feel so at ease using her templates. I also felt as if I got a steal for all of her legal templates. Hiring an attorney would have been costly and definitely not as comprehensive as Amira's templates. Amira is easy to work with and very knowledgable. I feel so relieved and at peace knowing that my blog is legally protected. Thank you, Amira!​

    Disha Smith, Founder of Disha Discovers

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For a limited time, save extra $$$ and grab these 3 bonuses ($500 value) for free! 

Sponsored Posts Contract Template Bonuses!

For a limited time, save extra $$$ and grab these 3 bonuses ($500 value) for free! 

You will gain access to these 3 bonuses:

  • Sponsored Posts Disclaimer for your website

  • Mediation Agreement 

  • Late Payment Fee Clause 

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