Affiliate Program Agreement


Do you have an affiliate program for your products and/or services? Use this agreement with your affiliates before they start promoting your products and services to avoid any legal issues!


Trusted by over 10,000 entrepreneurs and clients I've helped as a lawyer for more than 9 years.



An affiliate program agreement is a legal contract between you and your affiliates who promote the products and services of your business. 


This is the exact template I use for my own affiliate program and it includes ALL the legalese you must have.



This legal template comes with ALL the important legal provisions you MUST have for your affiliate program- 13 pages long with more than 25 legal clauses to protect you and your business. Just plug in your business information and begin using it instantly!


​If you run an affiliate program and have affiliates earning commission from promoting your products/services, you need a legal contract.


One that states your program regulations, and the proper clauses to protect yourself in case of problems. 


Comprehensive legal template, written by a lawyer who is also a professional blogger herself

Fill-in-the-blanks, completely customizable word document

Includes all the legal provisions and indemnification clauses to protect you legally 

Without it, you are screwed if a legal dispute arises and you will be responsible for your affiliates legal mistakes



You may know that using a proper legal contract is VERY important for your business but you have no idea where to start? You find the "legal stuff" confusing, complicated, intimidating and maybe even boring!?​


 You RUN away from the legal stuff to avoid frustration, confusion and stress


→ You are SO BUSY working on the creative side of your blog and online business that you end up procrastinating, thinking you will get to the legal stuff later


→ You think lawyers are EXPENSIVE so you end up wasting valuable HOURS or DAYS trying to write the contract yourself, but you are not confident in your ability to write the legalese.


 Maybe you googled and found some FREE legal template online, thinking it will protect you legally AND  financially but you do know the saying “you get what you pay for”, right?


This Affiliate agreement template is for anyone who wants to work with affiliates and run an affiliate program for their business.


This is NOT your generic, deficient free legal template. 


This comprehensive legal template gives you the exact terms and legal language that is required to protect you. 





Drafted by an experienced lawyer who writes contracts for living. Lifetime updates and support included!


Instead of relying on a free template that's deficient and fails to include ALL the key legal provisions, use this  contract to protect yourself from lawsuits.


Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business in minutes! 


Instant download and begin using the template in your business right away. I have simplified the entire process for you.




  • NOT your generic, deficient free legal template

  • Drafted by an experienced lawyer who writes contracts for living! 

  • Detailed and comprehensive

  • Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business

  • Lifetime updates and support included with the template


This is the exact contract template I use for my own affiliate program to work with hundreds of affiliates that promote my products!

What Bloggers and other Entrepreneurs like you are saying?


I've sold my legal templates to thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs + custom written them for my clients during my legal practice.


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Amira Irfan

Lawyer, Blogger, Coach


Hi there! I'm Amira Irfan


I'm the business lawyer, six-figure blogger and coach who created this template for you.


I've been practicing law for more than 9 years representing businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions in court.


I have been teaching business and legal skills and coaching online entrepreneurs for over 10 years now. 


​I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I’m licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and still enjoy working full-time as a lawyer with businesses and all kinds of entrepreneurs!


As a business owner and lawyer myself, I know how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work!  It takes a ton of blood, sweat and tears to create and build your dream business. 


When my dad got sued as an entrepreneur for $90,000, I knew I had to become a lawyer and help other entrepreneurs like you avoid the same legal mistakes that would leave you financially and emotionally broke.


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you can easily implement to fit your needs without losing your sleep or facing long expensive lawsuits.  



I have helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and clients in my legal practice go from struggling to write legalese to feeling a huge sigh of relief and peace of mind in as little as less than 30 minutes.


It’s just one of the benefits of helping SO many entrepreneurs like my dad beat struggling to write legalese after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even in some cases years looking for a solution.

But this wasn’t always me. Before I threw myself into the world of Business Law, I was a TEACHER and it took a ton of blood, sweat and tears to get to where I am today.

So, that is why they call me an expert...and I’m incredibly proud of it, and of them.




When you snag this contract today, you get




13 pages of affiliate terms and conditions for your affiliate program ($700 value - that's 2 hours of lawyer time at $350/hr), so you can be assured this is a great investment for your business!


Outlines EXACTLY what is expected from your affiliate program, so you can build long lasting business relationships with your affiliates + grow your business without getting into legal trouble.



It comes with all the important legal provisions you MUST have such as:

  • Affiliate sign up approval, rejection and termination process
  • What are your affiliate's financial and legal responsibilities
  • Anti-spam legal policy
  • Affiliate compensation process
  • Your grant of license to use your trademarks and copyright for affiliate promotions
  • Tons of limitation of liability legal provisions to protect you from affiliate's legal mistakes
  • Legal compliance and disclosures under the FTC
  • and more!



Step by Step idiot proof instructions to customize the template to your business within 15 minutes or less

Professionally written legal contract by an experienced lawyer who has been practicing for more than 9 years and still goes to court! You can use this template over and over for all your clients

Comprehensive yet easy to understand legalese that protects you and your business BUT won't make your head hurt or make you pull your hair out  



just an hour consultation with a lawyer will cost you a minimum of $250/hr and if you were to hire a lawyer to write this contract for you, it would cost you $700 or more!




For a limited time, save extra $25 off when you buy this Affiliate Program Agreement template today


have the complete peace of mind knowing that you are running your affiliate program legally and avoiding any legal issues with your affiliates! 



Instant access to your Affiliate Agreement template from $125 to only $100 now! 



(it's a no-brainer to get this template now and protect your business for a measly sum of only $3/day).

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