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Hi my fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs! Maybe some of these sound familiar to you? 

  • You know Terms and Conditions on your website sound like a VERY important legal page you need but you have no idea how to start writing it? You find the "legal stuff" confusing, complicated or intimidating. 

  • You are SO BUSY working on the creative side of your blog and online business that you end up procrastinating, thinking you will get to this legal page later! 

  • You think lawyers are EXPENSIVE so you end up wasting valuable time trying to write the legal pages yourself, but you are not confident in your ability to write the legalese to protect yourself legally.




  • You just launched a new product but don't have any Terms of Use or Terms of Service for it! You need to clearly define the terms and conditions for the products and/or services you offer from your website.




What are Terms and Conditions and why do you need them on your website?  


 Terms and Conditions on your website serve as a legal contract between you and the users of your site

  • Terms and Conditions (also known as Terms of Use or Terms of Service) are your website rules - what you permit and what you do not permit on your website. They encompass your Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and serve as an agreement between you and anyone that visits, uses or purchases any products from your website.

  • They are extremely important on your website for several reasons such as

    1) to explain your intellectual property rights to your content and protect it from copyright infringement and other legal disputes,

    2) to explain your right to terminate anyone's use of your website at your sole discretion,

    3) to explain your refund/exchange policies for the products/services you offer on your website,

    4) to explain your dispute resolution process such as where and how you will handle legal disputes if one arises with your customer, and much more! 

  • By having a comprehensive Terms and Conditions on your website, you limit your risk of legal liability for errors, omissions and inaccuracies found in your content and also prevent users from abusing your content and intellectual property. 


What is included with your purchase:

​3 BONUSES! ($550 value)

Get these three additional templates for FREE:  Lawful use of your website clause, Third party links disclaimer and Mandatory Arbitration clause.


Have the complete satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that these Terms and Conditions are actually drafted by an experienced lawyer instead of relying on free policies that do not provide the same comprehensive legal protections you need for your business. 


There are only 5 custom blank fields for you to complete and instructions are included as part of the template. This means you can start using the template right away! I have simplified the entire process for you. 

Hi there! I'm Amira and I'm the LAWYER + SIX-FIGURE BLOGGER + BUSINESS COACH who created this legal template. I have been practicing law in the United States for more than 8 years representing businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions. I've been teaching business and legal skills to online entrepreneurs and helping people become self-employed for over 10 years now.


As a business owner and lawyer myself, I understand how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work! 


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you can easily implement to fit your needs. 

​I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I’m licensed to practice law in Florida and New Jersey.  Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and still work full-time as a lawyer.

So why do I love the law? Because before I became a lawyer, I was a TEACHER. I love teaching and simplifying complicated aspects of law into easy simple ways that you can understand.


Even during law school, while most law students buried their heads into the "legalese", I was busy teaching new attorneys on how to manage client funds properly and maintain their trust accounts so they could learn how to avoid violating the legal rules of professional responsibility and ethics.


I was then asked to publish my first Trust Account Manual on this topic as a guide for the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee - all this in just my second year of law school.

($550 Value):
  • BONUS #1. Lawful Use of your website clause, 

    so you can prevent abuse of your website (Valued at $150).

  • BONUS #2.  Third party Links Disclaimer,

    so you can prevent risk of legal liability arising from third party links (Valued at $150).

  • BONUS #3.  Mandatory Arbitration clause,

    so you can lower your risk of legal liability and long expensive lawsuits (Valued at $250).

Why Wait? The template is EASY to use and you can QUICKLY customize it with only 5 blank fields to complete (instructions are included!):

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