How 1000's Of Freelancers and Clients are Legally Protecting Their Businesses

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Legal Bundle

WITHOUT losing sleep, wasting hours or breaking their wallet!

Do You Find Yourself Confused and Frustrated Thinking...

  • "A simple email exchange is enough for my next freelance gig?"

  • "What legal contract do I need to offer freelance services to my clients and get paid on time!?"

  • "Is it legal to copy paste somebody else's legal contract I find online or will the free legal templates protect me?"

  • "It's my first time hiring a freelancer to help with my business but I've no idea what legal contract I need to get the work done on time!"



  • "How do I exclude legal liability for the work I produce for the content? "

  • "How do I protect my business confidential information from being stolen by the people I hire!?"

I watched my dad get sued for $90,000 for failing to use a Freelance Contract with the freelancer he hired for his business.


​Hundreds and Thousands Of Freelancers Are Sued Every Day Because They Don't Have The Right Legal Documents On Their Website OR The Right Legal Contracts to Protect Their Business from Lawsuits


Before I tell you all about this Freelancers Legal Bundle, let's talk about who this is really for...

This Legal Bundle would work for you whether you are a freelancer yourself OR looking to hire a freelancer for your business

You are in the right place, and I'm going to tell you why this Legal Bundle may be the BEST investment you'll make to protect your business from lawsuits and ugly disputes that leave a giant hole in your pocket.


You'll get all this and more...

Written By A Lawyer

Comprehensive legal templates, written by a lawyer who is also a professional blogger herself

Fill The Blanks

Fill-in-the-blanks, completely customizable word document

Legal Protection

Includes all the legal provisions and indemnification clauses to protect you legally

Easy To Understand

Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize each template to your business in 15 minutes or less!

Deficient Free

NOT your generic, deficient free legal templates. These templates are drafted by an experienced lawyer who writes contracts for a living!

Lifetime Support

FREE lifetime support and updates included with each template saving you more TIME and MONEY.

Without this Legal Bundle, you run the risk of facing ugly legal disputes and lawsuits (as my entrepreneur dad did and thousands of my clients that I've represented as a lawyer over the years). 

"I'm so glad I found your site Amira. Her templates have taken a huge load off my shoulders when it comes to protecting my sites and online businesses!"

"Amira saved me hours of time, a pretty penny and a LOT of stress. Best purchase of 2020!"



Why Danielle loves our LEGAL TEMPLATES!




I'm Amira Irfan, a business lawyer, 6 figure blogger and coach.

I have been practicing law for more than 9 years representing businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions in court. I have been teaching business and legal skills and coaching online entrepreneurs for over 10 years now.

As a business owner and lawyer myself, I know how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work! It takes a ton of blood, sweat and tears to create and build your dream business.

When my dad got sued as an entrepreneur for $90,000, I knew I had to become a lawyer and help other entrepreneurs like you avoid the same legal mistakes that would leave you financially and emotionally broken.


This life changing experience made me become a lawyer and now I want to help online entrepreneurs just like you avoid the painful experience that my dad and our family endured for a year because lawsuits are LONG and expensive.


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you will be able to easily implement to fit your needs without losing your sleep or getting into legal trouble.  


I have had the opportunity to help more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and clients in my legal practice go from struggling to write legalese to feeling a huge sigh of relief and peace of mind in as little as less than 30 minutes.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I'm licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and enjoy working full-time as a lawyer working with all kinds of entrepreneurs!

It's just one of the benefits of helping SO many entrepreneurs like my dad beat struggling to write legalese after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even in some cases years looking for a solution that would protect their business legally.

Once A Teacher

Always A Teacher

Before I became a lawyer, I was a teacher. I love teaching and simplifying complicated aspects of law into easy ways that you can understand. 


Even during law school, while most law students buried their heads into the "legalese", I was busy teaching new attorneys on how to manage client funds properly and maintain their trust accounts so they could learn how to avoid violating the legal rules of professional responsibility and ethics. 


I was then asked to publish my first Trust Account Manual on this topic as a guide for the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee - all this in just my second year of law school.

As Featured On 200+ Websites

Some Of Our Happy 6 and 7-Figure Entrepreneur Customers Include:​

Whether you are a newbie freelancer or an advanced online entrepreneur,

you both will need legal protections to safeguard your business and sleep peacefully at night.


  • WHAT IF  You Could Make Your Online Business Legal In Less Than 30 Minutes?

  • WHAT IF  You Could Get All The Legal Documents With Just A Click Of A Button?

  • WHAT IF  You Never Had to Worry About Losing Money and Sleep Because You Failed to Use the Right Legal Contract?

  • WHAT IF  You Could Take The Guess Work Out Of Putting Together All The Correct Legal Documents For Your Business?


    • WITHOUT  Hiring An Uber Expensive Lawyer?

    • WITHOUT  Wasting Weeks & Months Researching the legalese on your own?

    • WITHOUT  Getting Stressed, Confused & Frustrated with the legal stuff?

    • WITHOUT  Resorting To Some Free Legal Templates That You Have No Idea Who Wrote Or Whether It Actually Protects You In Court?

    • WITHOUT  Making Big Legal Mistakes That Get You Sued, Broke & Wishing You Had Done Things Differently?

    Wouldn't That Be Amazing?

    Thousands Of Freelancers and Business Owners Around the World Sleep Peacefully At Night Knowing That There Is A Legal Support System That Protects Their Business 24 X 7


    All-In-One Legal Policy Templates For Freelancers and Clients...!!

    Contract templates for freelancers and clients

      Written by an actual lawyer with all the legal provisions you need. No more legal documents with "loopholes".


      Customize and begin using the legal templates in less than 30 minutes.


      Free periodic updates on all the legal templates for your lifetime so that you never have to pay a penny for any revisions or updates.


      Have a legal question, we got you covered! You get access to our private Facebook support group where you can instantly get answers to your business questions.



    Unlike the free templates that are deficient and vague, get comprehensive legal templates written by a professional lawyer that includes all the "legal jargon " that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to write yourself.


    Professional legal documents with thorough instructions and examples that makes it so easy to customize them to your business that you will be able to publish them on your website within minutes.


    These documents would typically cost you thousands of dollars if made by a in-person lawyer. Get world class legal documents for your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer who is even half-decent.


    Get instant access to an exclusive membership area where you can easily download and use all the legal templates as many times as you want.


    Get instant access to our private Facebook support group to get answers to all your legal and business questions within minutes.


    You never have to worry about keeping up with all the changes in the laws. Get future updates on all legal templates absolutely FREE for lifetime.

    Amira helped us fix some of the verbiage in our legal pages! Thousands of our Create and Go students have purchased her legal templates and have loved them!

    Lauren McManus

    Founder of Create and Go and Avocadu

    I am SO GLAD I decided to purchase the Legal Bundle by Amira! As a new blogger, it is difficult to decipher what is legit and what is false advertising. The Legal Bundle was EXACTLY as advertised! The documents were professionally written, and the instructions were super simple to follow.

    Kaylee Lindow

    Founder of To Be a Mommy 

    Sam Hawrylack

    Founder of How to Fire

    Amira’s legal templates have been a lifesaver for our blog! We purchased the Legal Bundle for our site, and the Independent Contractor template to use for outsourced work. We wouldn’t have known how to protect our business without these templates. They are thorough and professional, and have saved us so much time, stress, & money!! 

    John Butrick

    Founder of the Little Dollar

    The Best Purchase I ever made for my blog! The professionalism and accuracy of the templates in the Legal Bundle is beyond what I truly thought possible. It took me just outside of 20 minutes to setup my legal pages. If you guys are on the fence about buying these templates I suggest you make the purchase. Seeing the price of some Lawyers selling legal documents I knew I had to go with Amira for my legal templates. Money well spent!


    Watch How Rayna From THAILAND Protected Her Blog and Online Business!




    "I don't know what rock I was living under but I had no idea HOW to protect my blog legally"


    Rayna had a panic attack but finding these legal templates quickly CALMED her down and helped her get back to the FUN parts of blogging!

    Watch How Alena Protected Her Online Business In Just 15 Minutes!

    Using these LEGAL TEMPLATES



    "From Being Frustrated, Having Headaches & Giving Up To Feeling Relieved And At Peace in Just 15 mins"


    Alena sleeps better at night because she knows her online business is protected legally and FINALLY she could focus on other areas of her business that she enjoys!

    Watch How Maia Protected Her Online Business In Just 15 Minutes!

    Using these LEGAL TEMPLATES



    "From Stressed, Anxious and Scared To Instantly Feeling Relieved, Proud and Accomplished in Just 15 mins"


    Maia purchased 4 different legal templates to protect her online business instantly - my Starter Legal Bundle plus the Media Release Agreement templates!

    These legal templates are comprehensive and professionally well-written. We were able to customize them in a matter of minutes. There are lawyers out there who charge at least 3 times the price for these. I would definitely recommend Amira's templates to save money and time.



    Megan Mascon

    I used a free template before for privacy policy, disclaimer and terms and conditions. They were all on a single page. It did not cover much. I now feel confident knowing that Amira's templates have my back. Don't waste your time with free templates. Cover your behind with Amira's!


    Ashley Smith

    I definitely want to be in legal compliance. I've worked with attorneys for years and realize the importance of preparing myself beforehand. I've sat in way too may depositions listening to people who thought they could skip this step as this would "never happen to them". Surprise! It could happen to any of us. Thanks for these legal templates.

    Barb Delve




    Freelancer Legal Bundle Package is the absolute bare minimum any freelancer should have. These are essential legal contract templates to protect your business from getting sued or run into any other legal issues with clients and customers.

    What's Inside?







    Template #1

    ($700 Value)


    (Also known as Freelancer Template, Non-Employee Contract, Virtual Assistant Contract)

    Whether you hire freelancers or you are a freelancer yourself, this Freelance Contract template includes everything you need to avoid lawsuits and sleep peacefully at night, knowing your online business is protected legally.

    - Protect yourself legally with this independent contractor agreement that works for ANY freelancer, client looking to hire a freelancer, social media manager, virtual assistant and others


    - Includes all the key legal provisions you need to get paid as a freelancer on time


    - How you and the client can terminate the contract without owing each other money!


    - Also gives you the option to own legal rights to the intellectual property you produce or transfer the ownership to the client 


    - 10 page legal contract that covers everything you need!

    Template #2

    ($500 Value)


    (Also known as NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement)

    This is the most important legal contract every entrepreneur must have! I use it with my freelancers and everyone BEFORE I hire or discuss my business details with them.

    The only lawyer written contract template you need to protect your confidential information and trade secrets... before talking to anyone about your business. 


    This legal contract is needed to protect your “secret sauce” as they say, meaning protecting your business confidential and proprietary information, so others don’t steal your ideas, trade secrets and become competitors.


    Make sure to sign this Confidentiality Agreement / NDA BEFORE


    - Talking to a friend to bounce off ideas on your new product?


    - Discussing a partnership or joint venture opportunity with someone?

     - Hiring anyone to help you with your business such as a virtual assistant, social media manager?


    - Collaborating with others in your business or giving them access to your business information? 


    Any time you talk to someone about your business, get them to sign this contract first! 

    Template #3

    ($700 Value)



    This LLC Operating agreement legitimizes your business and separates your business from your personal assets like your personal bank account, car and house. 

    - Without this agreement, you cannot show that your business is separate from you, so you will be personally held responsible for the business debts, losses and lawsuits. 


    - 11 key legal provisions are included in this contract that outline your business financial decisions and operations.


    - Clearly states the separation between your business and your personal assets.


    - Sleep easy at night knowing this is a great investment for your business!

    Without this LLC Operating agreement, courts will view your business as a sole proprietorship and consider you and your business as ONE, putting your personal assets at risk!

    Bonus #1

    ($100 Value)

    Non-Solicitation & Non-Recruit Clause

    If you are looking to hire a freelancer, you need this bonus clause because it protects your employees and clients from being solicited and recruited by freelancer.

    Bonus #2

    ($150 Value)

    Non-Compete Agreement Template

    Freely discuss your business details and information with the freelancer without worrying about the other person learning your business secrets and competing with you!

    Bonus #3

    ($100 Value)

    Prevailing Party Attorney Fees Clause

    This extra legal clause is included as part of your NDA template to provide you more legal protections in case of lawsuits. If you win, you should be entitled to recover your attorney fees from the other party!

    Bonus #4

    ($250 Value)

    Mediation Agreement Template

    Get this mediation agreement to resolve legal disputes amicably, avoid long expensive lawsuits and save $$$ legal costs! 

    When you add it all up, that's total real-world value of $2,500.



    3 TEMPLATES ($1,900 Value)





    ($600 Value)








    TOTAL VALUE: $2,500

    (Hire a lawyer and you'd pay $250-$500 for JUST a consultation!)





    (It would cost you more than $300 to individually purchase all the legal templates in this bundle from my store)

    Meet Michelle, a newbie blogger who now feels like her blog is an actual protected business!



    Want to see what makes these legal templates SO Easy, Quick and Affordable?


    10,000+ Bloggers, Course Creators, Coaches, Consultants & Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

    Around the World Have Their Online Businesses Protected Using These Legal Templates!


    Check out some of the Love Notes Below



    Steffa looked to hire a lawyer to write her 3 legal documents and guess how much it was going to cost her? 


    More than $1,000!!


    She went from being SO stressed to completely relieved and happy within 15 minutes of purchasing my legal templates, all without having to pay $1,000+ to a lawyer. 

    "I didn't want to be taken advantage of by the companies I was collaborating with and I needed to treat my blog like a business. Your Legal Bundle and Sponsored Posts contract template took away a lot of stress and that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something bad was going to happen because I wasn't legally protected. After getting the templates, I could really focus on what else I needed to do to grow my blogging business. This contract template also helped me give a professional face to the companies I was working with!."

    Steffa Mantilla

    Founder Of Plantsonify



    He has purchased pretty much ALL of my legal templates 

    "These legal templates are incredibly CHEAP, easy to read and cover every angle! For the money I spent on them, I couldn't even get 15 minutes with a solicitor (by the way, same here with a lawyer in the US). These legal templates will cost you less than a Wordpress plugin!"

    Richard Young

    Founder Of Blog Fix Lives



    Keesha has purchased all my legal templates.


    She went from being...


    Frustrated, Stressed Out, Researching and Wasting Lots Of Time to...


    Feeling A Huge Sense Of Relief, Peace Of Mind And Feeling So Much Better In Just 15 Minutes!!


    She is no longer bogged down by the legal stuff, now she has the time to focus on other areas of her business that she loves working on.

    "Don't waste time trying to figure out the legal documents on your own. Go ahead and purchase Amira's products... I didn't want to expose myself to liabilities that could come down the road"

    Keesha Johnson

    Founder Of My Mission To Escape



    Danielle from CANADA protected her online business with the same legal templates.


    The Canadian Privacy Law clause (PIPEDA) is already included in my Privacy Policy template for free so you don't have to waste time researching laws and can simply plug in your business information and begin using the template right away!

    "I looked at a lot of free templates initially. But I found they all missed something, were unprofessional and not comprehensive at all. I'm so glad I found Amira's Legal Bundle Package because I needed all my bases covered for my blog"

    Danielle Fernandes

    Founder Of Lustre Lagoon



    Get The Freelancer Bundle

    (The Smartest Option)

    Option 1 is to get the Freelancer Legal Bundle for an unbelievable price today so that you can feel safe and secure knowing your freelancing business is protected legally. And never pay again with our Lifetime Free Updates.

    Hire A Lawyer

    (The Most Costly Option)

    Option 2 is to hire a lawyer who will charge you at least $350 per hour. You will end up paying at least $3,500. And the worst part, you'll have to keep paying each time you have to make an update.

    Use Free Templates

    (The Most Risky Option)

    Option 3 is to use free templates you find online and live in a constant fear that you might wake up to a lawsuit tomorrow. A free legal template is NOT comprehensive enough to cover all your legal bases.




    I have used free Non Disclosure Agreements (in the past). These documents often can’t be customized, and its questionable if these cheap NDAs are even legal, which can put you and your company in serious legal jeopardy. 


    Don’t go cheap with such an important legal document. Amira should be your go to resource for your legal documents.

    Ken Weiss




    What would it mean to NEVER have to write another word of legalese again?


    What would it mean to NEVER pay someone an arm & the armchair you sit in for writing one legal contract?


    What would it mean to NEVER stare at a blank screen & the blinking cursor of death wondering how to write the damn legalese yourself?


    And instead have these legal templates do it ALL for you, In minutes.


    The Choice is yours.





    3 Legal Templates

    4 Bonus Legal Templates and Clauses

    Lifetime FREE Updates

    Private Membership Access

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

    What is included in this Legal Bundle?

    Who is this Legal Bundle for and will they work for me?

    What if I haven't started my blog or online business yet? 

    Do I have to pay additional money for future updates to the templates?

    How will I receive my Legal Bundle and how do I customize the templates?

    Can I find this information for ​free online and is there a refund or guarantee?

    Do you have an affiliate program for the Legal Bundle and how do I become an affiliate

    Can I use these legal templates on multiple sites or businesses of my own or do I need to purchase again? 



    Here comes the BEST Part...I don't take the trust you put in me lightly. Look how quickly you can earn your small investment back TENFOLD through my generous affiliate program...


    700+ entrepreneurs like you (as my customers) are making THOUSANDS of dollars promoting my legal templates, and you can do the same but first you have to take action and grab the Legal Bundle :) 




    100+ 5-STAR REVIEWS of these legal templates on my Facebook page, so you can be assured that this is a GREAT valuable investment for your business :) 


    Is It Okay If We Over Deliver :) Here Are Some More Customers Just Like You ... 

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