The only lawyer approved contract template you need to easily collaborate with brands to produce sponsored content (blog posts, social media posts or video) to build lasting relationships! This contract template includes all the terms you need to protect yourself legally and financially!  



Sponsored posts are paid opportunities for you as a blogger, influencer, freelancer or affiliate marketer. It is a form of advertisement where brands collaborate with you and pay you to write a blog post, post on your social media, create a video, etc.


This helps the brand/sponsor reach greater audience through you and bring more business to them. That’s why they are ready to pay you for your time to review their products and services!


Sponsored partnerships with brands is a great way to make money while sharing the products and services you love with your audience!


Just like any partnership, make sure to enter into a written Sponsored Posts Contract BEFORE you start partnering with brands.



It's a VERY important legal contract you NEED when you are ready to work with brands to produce sponsored content for them. It could be where you are getting paid to:

-write blog posts,

-post on Facebook,

-post on Instagram,

-host a Twitter Party,

-do Facebook lives

-create a video for the brand’s products or services, etc.


Basically any time you collaborate with brands and are ready to do sponsored work for them, get them to sign this contract first! 


With a sponsored posts contract, both you and the brand know exactly what is expected of each other and you will have all the key legal provisions to back you up in case something goes wrong!


Often, bloggers will work for days to write a sponsored blog post and not get paid by the brand or I see confusion over how payment will be received.


Without this legally binding contract, you are out of luck if the brand decides to NOT pay you for your sponsored work on time or forgets to pay you at all!


Meet Steffa who has purchased this Sponsored Posts Contract Template and my Legal Bundle for her blog / online business! 


Steffa, "I definitely wouldn't trust a free legal template because for all you know, it could have been someone like me who was going on the internet, finding stuff and was like guys, here's your free legal template and you have no guarantee that they are a lawyer...you have no idea whether you are protected at all!  so it's NOT a gamble that I'd be willing to take for my business."



So my fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs...

Maybe some of these sound familiar to you?


​- Even if you didn’t know before, you now know that a Sponsored Posts Contract is VERY important for your business but you have no idea where to start?


-You find the "legal stuff" confusing, complicated, intimidating and maybe even boring!?​


- You RUN away from the legal stuff to avoid frustration, confusion and stress!


-You are SO BUSY working on the creative side of your blog and online business that you end up procrastinating, thinking you will get to the legal stuff later!


​-You think lawyers are EXPENSIVE so you end up wasting valuable HOURS or DAYS trying to write contracts yourself, but you are not confident in your ability to write the legalese.


-Maybe you googled and found some FREE contract template online, thinking it will protect you legally AND  financially but you do know the saying you get what you pay for, right?


-A free template doesn’t protect you when you get sued or want to enforce your legal rights in court! It’s NOT a comprehensive template written by a REAL attorney that  offers you the COMPLETE legal protection and peace of mind you deserve and won't help you when you face a legal dispute!



Sponsored Posts Contract Template For Your Business

This is the only lawyer written contract template you need to easily work with brands to produce any kind of sponsored content and build lasting relationships with them, while also protecting your financial and legal interests in the process!  


Who is this Sponsored Posts Contract Template for?

Anyone looking to create sponsored content! (Bloggers, Influencers, Vloggers, Freelancers, Affiliates, etc)

  • NOT your generic, deficient free legal template

  • Drafted by an experienced lawyer who writes contracts for living! 

  • Detailed and comprehensive

  • Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business

  • Lifetime updates and support included with the template


Key Features of this Template


This Sponsored Posts Contract template includes 28 sections! (11 Pages). Be assured it includes everything you need and you can easily tailor it to your business needs as shown in the instructions.

Below are some of the key provisions you can expect in this contract along with 20+ others

  • Services to be Provided

    Clear outline of what services you will be providing to the brand/sponsor including their guidelines and deadlines

  • Ownership of intellectual property

    Who owns the intellectual property you create? With this template, you have the option to retain the ownership or transfer ownership to the brand for your sponsored content.

  • Confidentiality provisions

    Ensures that everything shared with you stays between you and the brand. Protects both you and the brand so you can freely communicate!

  • Clear Payment Terms

    How will you get paid and when? so there's no confusion between the parties. Plus a BONUS late payment fee clause to encourage brands to pay you on time! 

  • Legal compliance and FTC disclosures

    Includes provisions to ensure your legal compliance with FTC requirements. PLUS also comes with a BONUS Mediation Agreement to help you resolve legal disputes painlessly and avoid huge expensive lawsuits!

  • Termination clause

    How can you and the brand terminate your contract safety without owing each other $$$. Key legal provisions to ensure you still get paid for the work you did before the termination!

What is included with your purchase:


You will receive 3 additional bonuses with this template to help you save more $$$ and time.


Have the complete satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that this legal template is actually written by an experienced lawyer instead of relying on a free template that's deficient and fails to include ALL the key legal provisions you need in your contract to protect you from lawsuits!


As shown by the testimonials, with only few fill in the blanks, you will be ready to use the template within 15 minutes or less! Clear instructions are included as part of the template to guide you. I have simplified the entire process for you. 

Meet Tracie, a professional blogger who has been blogging for more than 10 years!! 


She says, "I just got Amira's sponsored posts contract and it was exactly what I needed. It covered every aspect of a contract that I knew I wanted to have in place....This takes the guesswork out of making sure that I'm covering myself and my interests when it comes to sponsored work. It is worth every single penny!"


Founder of Tracie Fobes and Penny Pinchin' Mom



Meet Keesha who has purchased all my legal templates! 


She says, "Don't waste time trying to figure out the legal documents on your own. Go ahead and purchase Amira's products... It was a very time consuming and frustrating experience for me before I purchased Amira's legal templates."



What other Bloggers and  Entrepreneurs like you are saying?

I've sold my legal templates to thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs + custom written them for my clients during my legal practice! There's a common theme between ALL my legal templates and that is they are:


-Detailed and Comprehensive yet easy to understand!

-Very Easy to Customize and Use right away! 

-Super affordable. Don't cost you an arm and a leg! 


Michelle Sillery

Founder, Imperfectly Perfect Mummy

I love Amira's Sponsored Posts contract template which includes everything you need to work with brands!

“After wasting days researching reliable legal templates that I could afford, I stumbled upon Amira's legal templates. After purchasing her templates, I feel so confident and relieved knowing I'm covered legally. All her legal templates are super easy to customise, so reasonably priced as compared to what I saw out there, and it hardly took any time before I began using them! Her customer service is amazing too. It was important for me to purchase any legal templates from a lawyer rather than using the free templates out there because I knew they wouldn't protect me. The legal side of my online business is very important to me because I want to make sure I'm doing things the right way, and I didn't find the free templates to be comprehensive or detailed. Her independent contractor (also known as freelancer contract) template is extremely thorough and helpful. I can't wait to use it for my freelance services with clients. Also I often write sponsored posts and love her sponsored posts contract template which includes everything you need to work with brands! I wholeheartedly believe every single blogger and entrepreneur out there needs to be covered legally so if you need any kind of templates, check out Amira's website. I highly recommend her, and she's the only lawyer I found to be so fairly priced!!​”

Ken Weiss

Founder, Mens Health Cures

Don't go cheap with such an important legal document! 

“If you have a company that creates a product that is sold online, or you partner with affiliate marketing agencies to market and sell your product, it is a must that you have a Confidential Agreement/Nom-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between you and your company and agents or affiliate networks.


I am giving a shout out to Amira. She is a blogger, she runs an affiliate program that sells her legal document templates and bundles and is also a lawyer.

She knows all the legal documents bloggers, affiliates and product owners need to protect themselves and their businesses.

She can give you feedback and even help you prepare your Confidential Agreement/Nom-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to make sure it’s legal to protect all the parties.


This is NOT a canned document. You can customize the document to meet your specific business or legal needs.

I have used free Non Disclosure Agreements. These documents often can’t be customized, and its questionable if these cheap NDAs are even legal, which can put you and your company in serious legal jeopardy. You’ve heard the expression you get what you pay for.


Don’t go cheap with such an important legal document. Amira should be your go to resource for your legal documents.”

Meet Chelsea, a six figure blogger who owns multiple businesses.


She says, "Investing in the proper legal pages and documents to protect yourself is one business expense not to overlook. If you are waiting for a sign to tell you if you should buy one of Amira's legal templates, well consider this it!"


Founder of HerPaperRoute and Blog Tips


Meet Sasha who says Amira has really thought of everything with her Sponsored Post Legal Template!


Read Sasha's full review below. Here are some highlights- "What I especially love is that it takes all the "guest work" out of the negotiations so that you can focus on providing great content and building relationships with brands to grow your business. Add to that the three bonuses which include a sponsored post and review disclaimer for your website and you've got everything you need to start approaching clients as an influencer. Definitely worth every penny to know that your business is covered in every aspect!!


Founder of Everyday She's Sparkling




What AWESOME BONUSES Are Included With This Legal Template? 


Glad you asked!




($500 Value):

  • BONUS #1 - Sponsored Posts Disclaimer,

    if you write sponsored posts then you must protect yourself legally with this Sponsored posts disclaimer for your website! It's included in your Sponsored Posts Contract template for FREE to add to your website's legal pages! (Valued at $150).

  • BONUS #2 - Mediation Agreement Template,

    Get this mediation agreement to resolve legal disputes amicably, avoid long expensive lawsuits and save $$$ legal costs! (Valued at $250).

  • BONUS #3 - Late Payment Fee Clause,

    this extra legal clause is included as part of your contract template to encourage brands to pay you on time to avoid a late payment fee! (Valued at $100).


For a limited time, save extra $50 off when you get this template today + you will receive 3 awesome bonuses above worth $500 for FREE! 

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Remember just an hour consultation with any experienced lawyer is $250 - $500! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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Here are some more testimonials / review of my legal templates including this one...

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, you will require a confidential agreement so that your ideas or sensitive information won’t be stolen by people you’re negotiating with. That’s when you require a non-disclosure agreement between both parties. For that, I highly recommend Amira’s NDA template along with her other legal templates such as the sponsored posts contract, privacy policy, freelance contract and others because they are very easy to customize and she, being a lawyer, has professionally written them with all details required. This really cuts off any work on your end. I’m really impressed, how easy it is to customize her templates by simply putting your name and business details. In addition to that, Amira also offers bonuses in case your business needs them in the future. Having this NDA template will ensure that you can share valuable ideas, projects or other sensitive content with other parties, partners, or brands without even worrying. This template also ensures that other party cannot use any confidential content without your approval or consent. Generally speaking, don’t take the risk of your intellectual property, or business ideas get stolen by other parties. Don’t take my word, just ask Amira if you’ve got any questions. She is very responsive and such a wonderful person. Check out her legal store for other templates you need for your business.

Arfa Nazeer

Founder, She Means Blogging

Working as a web developer and blogger, and having a company that deals online, one needs an authentic privacy platform. It’s very important to have a Confidentiality Agreement/Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between the company and client & I was very lucky to find this NDA by Amira.

Not just this Confidentiality template/NDA template but all her legal templates can easily be modified to your business. They are easy to use with blank spaces that just need to be filled and you get your agreement ready in a couple of minutes. The best part of her legal templates is that you can customize them according to your needs whether business or legal at a very affordable price and that is extremely incredible!

One of the worst things that could happen as a developer is your ideas being stolen, but this platform is so easy to cooperate and work with as it's under the law and legally protected, much of my time has been saved without any hassle. Using Amira’s legal templates was definitely the right choice rather than hiring a lawyer for the legal work that takes weeks to finish and cost a lot more! I will be using this NDA template and her other legal templates for my business. Who doesn't like saving time over petty things! 

I would recommend this NDA template along with her sponsored post contract template, freelance contract template and her Legal Bundle to all the bloggers, entrepreneurs, developers and freelancers out there. Amira will be assisting you with all the queries that you deal with later after buying her templates. 

Very well satisfied!

Muhammad Umair Qureshi

Founder, WPStairs

The confidentiality agreement template created by Amira Law can be modified to suit your business needs. I like that the template is easy to complete with the instructions included and the fill in the blank format. One of my worst nightmares is working hard to come out with an idea just to have it stolen by someone else. This template makes me feel at ease to cooperate with individuals and/or companies in the future knowing that my business ideas are legally protected under the law. It saves me time and money to not have to go through the hassle of meeting with an actual lawyer to draft the same type of document. I do not have to doubt myself about completing the confidentiality agreement template correctly knowing that Amira’s help doesn’t end with me purchasing a template made by her. She is available to assist me with any additional questions that I might have to complete the template for my business needs. 

The template includes sections for my company and the recipient of confidential information and clearly states what is expected of both parties doing business with each other. 

She does a great job of highlighting which paragraphs of the template are optional to include in your final version of the confidentiality agreement.

The first bonus section provides the policy related to attorney fees.  Amira specifies that the third bonus section is only useful in the case of not heading to court.

This is the second product that I am using made by Amira. The first product that I purchased made by her was the legal bundle. 

I would recommend this template to bloggers, entrepreneurs, and any individual doing freelance work. This template only takes a brief amount of time to complete.

Patty Luu

Founder, Driven to Peak Consulting

Meet Cate, a professional blogger who makes a portion of her income from sponsored posts! 


She says, "It's sooo worth paying a small one-time fee for this contract template and having that protection every time you do a sponsored post. This Sponsored posts contract template is super detailed and covers everything that you need to include in your partnership agreement. Even things that a lot of influencers don't think about, like who gets to retain full ownership of your work when the job is done...it's so important to have the legal protection of a real contract drafted by a skilled lawyer. Thank you Amira, your hard work creating these templates has made my job so much easier!"


Founder of Sweet and Simple Life


Who created this legal template? 

Hi there! I'm Amira Irfan and I'm the LAWYER + BLOGGER + BUSINESS COACH who created this contract template for you.



I've been practicing law for more than 8 years representing businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions, and have been teaching business and legal skills and coaching online entrepreneurs for over 10 years now.


As a business owner and lawyer myself, I understand how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work! 


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you can easily implement to fit your needs. 

​I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I’m licensed to practice law in Florida and New Jersey.  Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and still enjoy working full-time as a lawyer.

So why do I love the law? Because before I became a lawyer, I was a TEACHER. I love teaching and simplifying complicated aspects of law into easy simple ways that you can understand.


Even during law school, while most law students buried their heads into the "legalese", I was busy teaching new attorneys on how to manage client funds properly and maintain their trust accounts so they could learn how to avoid violating the legal rules of professional responsibility and ethics.


I was then asked to publish my first Trust Account Manual on this topic as a guide for the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee - all this in just my second year of law school.

As Featured on 60+ Websites & Some Of Our Happy Customers include:


Although ​I'm an experienced busy lawyer, I'm not your typical "stuffy" lawyer who hides behind her desk all day so she could bill you 24/7 for every little thing!


In fact, I'm the opposite - I love interacting with you, learning more about your problem and then providing easy AFFORDABLE and PERSONALIZED solutions that won't break your wallet! 

Meet Disha, a travel blogger who loves this Sponsored Posts Contract template!! 



Founder of Disha Discovers



Disha says, "Before I discovered Amira's legal paperwork, I was so lost and overwhelmed. I was looking at lots of free templates but felt as if none of them addressed my blogging needs. I didn't feel comfortable using something so generic. I am so happy with my purchase of Amira's Legal Bundle and Sponsored Posts contract. All of her templates are professionally written and highly customizable depending on my needs. I was able to customize it within minutes and it was ready for use. She also gave me a few free bonuses which were highly appreciated. I love that Amira is an experienced lawyer. I feel so at ease using her templates. I also felt as if I got a steal for all of her legal templates. Hiring an attorney would have been costly and definitely not as comprehensive as Amira's templates. Amira is easy to work with and very knowledgable.!"



For a limited time, save extra $50 off when you get this template today + you will receive 3 awesome bonuses above worth $500 for FREE! 

Bonuses availability guaranteed until midnight only, after that they are GONE.

Instant access to your Sponsored Posts contract template + 3 bonuses from $150 to only $100 now! 

Because just an hour consultation with any experienced lawyer is $250 - $500! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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Beth says, "Amira's legal expertise and sharing her knowledge with fellow bloggers is the best you can get in my humble opinion." 



Colleen says, "Knowing a lawyer created this template takes way the worry and allows me to focus on writing content and creating an engaging site for readers. I highly recommend all bloggers, regardless of your niche, purchase the important legal documents offered by Amira."


Founder of Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Joy



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is included in this template? 

Who is this template for and will it work for me? 

Do I have to pay additional money for future updates to the templates?

How will I receive this template and how do I customize the it?

Can I find this information for ​free online and is there a refund or guarantee?

Do you have an affiliate program for this template and how do I become an affiliate


For a limited time, save extra $50 off when you get this template today + you will receive 3 awesome bonuses above worth $500 for FREE! 

Bonuses availability guaranteed until midnight only, after that they are GONE.

Instant access to your Sponsored Posts contract template + 3 bonuses from $150 to only $100 now! 

Because just an hour consultation with any experienced lawyer is $250 - $500! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Read our terms and conditions here