What is a Disclaimer and Why Do You Need It on Your Website?

You NEED a disclaimer on your website just as much as the Privacy Policy!

  • A disclaimer on your website limits your legal liability for the content you publish. It informs the visitors of your website that all content posted is for educational and informational purposes only.

  • It is often forgotten by bloggers, coaches, marketers and online entrepreneurs resulting in lawsuits such as when someone relies on the information published on your website and expects the same results. 

  • ​Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you are required to disclose your affiliate relationships, third party links you publish on your website and your financial rewards, commissions or incentives you receive when someone makes a purchase from your affiliate links. A disclaimer includes this information along with other disclosures to protect you from lawsuits and legal violations.


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Get these three additional policies for FREE:  Earnings Disclaimer, Testimonials and Product Reviews Disclaimer and Sponsored Posts Disclaimer. 


Have the complete satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that this legal policy is actually drafted by an attorney instead of relying on free policies that do not provide the comprehensive legal protections you need for your business. 


There are only 5 custom sections for you to complete and instructions are included as part of the template. This means you can start using the template right away! I have simplified the entire process for you. 


  • BONUS #1. You will get the Earnings disclaimer if you publish any income reports and success results on your website as examples for others to see (Valued at $75).

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  • BONUS #3. You will get the Sponsored posts disclaimer if you publish any sponsored posts on your website then you need to inform your readers of such (Valued at $75).  

About the Author: Amira 

​Amira is a lawyer, blogger, model and business coach who has been practicing law for more than 8 years now. She has been teaching business and legal skills to online entrepreneurs and helping people become self-employed for over 10 years now.


As a business owner and lawyer herself, she understands how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work!


Therefore, she provides VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you can easily implement to fit your needs. 

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I started my blogging journey with the Build and Launch Your Blog Community where I have helped TONS of bloggers with their legal pages. Drew was one of those bloggers I helped when he was getting started with his blog, and I couldn't be happier when he recently gave a shout out to me in the entire group!


Founder of DrewDuBoff / www.drewduboff.com

Drew teaches you how to ace interviews, lead effectively, build a badass personal brand, and be the best professional you can be.



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"Hey gang, I want to give Amira Law a shout out. I know legal pages aren't something we go into deeply (let's face it, we're not lawyers). But they are necessary when you launch. She is a lawyer and a blogger, and sells legal templates on her site. She's given feedback on mine and she really knows what she's talking about. If you're interested, comment below so she can reach out to you. I want to make sure everyone who is confused is directed to an authority." 


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Dennis Haynes is a former IBM IT Architect with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech.  He uses his background and analytical mind set to research and write about alternative health theories and therapies.

Dennis bought the Legal Bundle For His Website when he was just about to launch his blog and speaks in depth about his experience and how the legal bundle provided him peace of mind. 

Dennis says,I honestly wasn’t expecting very much, maybe just some standard boilerplate text with a tip or two on customizing it. I was very happy to see that you had over achieved by providing automated forms where I could just fill in a few blanks and the system would take that and automatically generate the pages for me. There was still some manual editing that I needed to do to tailor the pages to my niche but your system got me much closer to my end goal that I was expecting. two thumbs up! ​



What was your problem before you bought this legal policy?

Dennis says- "I was just setting up my blog and needed to create my legal pages."


How easy and quick was the legal policy to customize and use? 

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 Dennis says - "I wouldn’t feel comfortable launching without it. Especially in my niche. The quality of your products greatly provided me peace of mind.


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