The Only Lawyer Approved Disclaimer Template You Need to Comply with the Law + Protect Yourself and Your Online Business Legally


Hi my fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs! Maybe some of these sound familiar to you? 

  • You know a Disclaimer is a VERY important legal page you need on your website but you have no idea where to start? You find the "legal stuff" confusing, complicated or intimidating. 

  • You are SO BUSY working on the creative side of your blog and online business that you end up procrastinating, thinking you will get to the legal pages later! 

  • You think lawyers are EXPENSIVE so you end up wasting valuable time trying to write the legal pages yourself, but you are not confident in your ability to write the legalese to protect yourself legally.




What is a Disclaimer and Why Do you NEED it on your website? 


You NEED a Disclaimer on your website just as much as the Privacy Policy!

  • A disclaimer on your website limits your legal liability for the content you publish. It informs the visitors of your website that all content posted is for educational and informational purposes only.

  • It is often forgotten by bloggers, coaches, marketers and online entrepreneurs resulting in lawsuits such as when someone relies on the information published on your website and expects the same results. 

  • ​​Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you are required to disclose your affiliate relationships, third party links you publish on your website and your financial rewards, commissions or incentives you receive when someone makes a purchase from your affiliate links. This Disclaimer template includes these affiliate disclosures along with other disclosures to protect you from lawsuits and legal violations.


What is included with your purchase:

​3 BONUSES! ($225 value)

Get these three additional policies for FREE:  Earnings Disclaimer, Testimonials and Product Reviews Disclaimer and Sponsored Posts Disclaimer. 


Have the complete satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that this legal policy is actually drafted by a lawyer instead of relying on free policies that do not provide the comprehensive legal protections you need for your business. 


There are only 5 custom sections for you to complete and instructions are included as part of the template. This means you can start using the template right away! I have simplified the entire process for you. 


  • BONUS #1. Earnings disclaimer,

    you need it if you publish any income reports and success results on your website as examples for others to see (Valued at $75).

  • BONUS #2. Testimonials and product reviews disclaimer, 

    if you publish product reviews and testimonials on your website as examples for others to see (Valued at $75).

  • BONUS #3. Sponsored posts disclaimer, 

    if you publish any sponsored posts on your website then you need to inform your readers about it (Valued at $75).  

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But they are necessary when you launch. She is a lawyer and a blogger, and sells legal templates on her site. 


She's given feedback on mine and she really knows what she's talking about. If you're interested, comment below so she can reach out to you. I want to make sure everyone who is confused is directed to an authority.


 Video testimonial by Drew: "I remember when I was writing my legal pages, I was spending HOURS upon HOURS doing all this researching like all of the different sections I had to have and oh, it was just a PAIN. There are so many components to it...you are NOT going to know that unless you are a lawyer. Your price (of the Legal Bundle) to me is so incredibly reasonable and the customer service is great. If you want to get a trademark, it costs a lot more..."


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Hi there! I'm Amira, and I'm the LAWYER + BLOGGER + BUSINESS COACH behind the Legal Bundle For Your Website.



​I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I’m licensed to practice law in Florida and New Jersey.  Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and still enjoy working full-time as a lawyer with businesses and all kinds of entrepreneurs!

So why do I love the law? Because before I became a lawyer, I was a TEACHER. I love teaching and simplifying complicated aspects of law into easy simple ways that you can understand.


Even during law school, while most law students buried their heads into the "legalese", I was busy teaching new attorneys on how to manage client funds properly and maintain their trust accounts so they could learn how to avoid violating the legal rules of professional responsibility and ethics.


I was then asked to publish my first Trust Account Manual on this topic as a guide for the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee - all this in just my second year of law school.



​I've been teaching business and legal skills to entrepreneurs for over 10 years now and handling legal matters for more than 8 years working with businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions!


As a business owner and lawyer myself, I understand how important it is to protect your online business, creation and hard work! 


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you can easily implement to fit your needs. 


Although I'm an experienced busy lawyer, I'm not your typical "stuffy" lawyer who hides behind her computer all day so she could bill you 24/7 for every little thing! In fact, I'm the opposite - I love interacting with you, learning more about your problem and then providing easy AFFORDABLE and PERSONALIZED solutions that won't break your wallet! 

As Featured on 35+ Websites & Some Of Our Happy Customers include:

Why Wait? The template is EASY to use and you can QUICKLY customize it with only 5 short sections to complete (instructions are included!):

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I had a few questions and she was on it, no problem. My legal pages were up and ready within 40 minutes, most of that time was from me trying to figure out how to stylize the fonts the way I wanted.


Legal pages such as a Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy policy page are A MUST have for BLOGGERS and WEBSITE OWNERS.


It truly saved me hours upon hours of research and time trying to figure it out myself just to end up paying a lawyer for their time to look it over and make corrections


She is fair priced. I found her through the Create and Go community. I was so HAPPY with my EXPERIENCE and RESULTS that YES, YOU GUESSED IT, I also became an affiliate. Yay, thank you, Amira!!​”





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Your blog will be legally covered from Day 1. Nothing beats having peace of mind knowing you are covered legally. Keeps you out of trouble down the road."

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No more headache, hassle or stress! Get your peace of mind with this easy legal template for your blog and online business! 

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