Copyright & Disclaimer Template For Your Ebook

(Can Be Used For Your Printed Book Too)

If you have an ebook or looking to create one then this is the legal template you will NEED! Proper Copyright Notice and Disclaimer Language You Must Have in Your Book to Cover You Legally.

Copyright & Disclaimer Template

This is the template you use to include your:

  • Copyright notice in your ebook

  • All the affiliate disclosures you'll need in your book if you'll be sharing affiliate links in there

  • Legal Disclaimers you'll need for your book to prevent lawsuits

  • Intellectual property provisions to prevent theft and copying of your ebook

  • And tons of limitation of legal liability language to protect you! (that you may not know you need)

Everything is done for you, so all you are left to do is write your awesome book!


This Copyright Notice and Disclaimer Template is going to work for anyone looking to write their own book (ebook or printed book)

You don't have to worry about someone stealing or copying your book or what legal language your book must include to ensure your hard work and creation is protected!

Written By A Lawyer

Comprehensive legal template, written by a lawyer who is also a professional blogger and entrepreneur herself

Fill In The Blanks

Just complete the highlighted Fill-in-the-blanks and you'll be done in 15 minutes or less! Completely customizable word document

Legal Protection

Includes all the legal provisions and limitation of liability clauses to protect you legally

Easy To Understand

Comes with clear easy instructions for you to customize the template to your business

Deficient Free

NOT your generic, deficient free legal template. It's drafted by an experienced lawyer who writes contracts for a living!

Lifetime Support

FREE Lifetime updates and Facebook support group included with the template

Without proper copyright notice and disclaimers in place to protect you, you not only look like an amateur but also run the risk of others suing you or copying your book.

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Amira Irfan

Lawyer, Blogger, Coach

Hi there! I'm Amira Irfan


I'm the business lawyer, 6-figure blogger and coach who created this legal template for you.


I've been practicing law for more than 9 years representing businesses and online entrepreneurs like you in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions in court.


I have been teaching business and legal skills and coaching online entrepreneurs for over 10 years now.

When my dad got sued as an entrepreneur for $90,000, I knew I had to become a lawyer and help other entrepreneurs like you avoid the same legal mistakes that would leave you financially and emotionally broke.


This experience made me become a lawyer and now I want to help online entrepreneurs just like you to avoid the painful experience that my dad and our family endured for a year because lawsuits are LONG and expensive.


Therefore, I provide VERY affordable legal and business solutions that you will be able to easily implement to fit your needs without losing your sleep or getting into legal trouble.  


I have had the opportunity to help more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and clients in my legal practice go from struggling to write legalese to feeling a huge sigh of relief and peace of mind in as little as less than 30 minutes.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2010, with Honors, in the top 10% of my law school class while serving as an Associate Editor for the Connecticut Journal of International Law. I'm licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unlike most unhappy lawyers out there, I love the law and still enjoy working full-time as a lawyer with business and all kinds of entrepreneurs!

It's just one of the benefits of helping SO many entrepreneurs like my dad beat struggling to write legalese after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even in some cases years looking for a solution.

Once A Teacher

Always A Teacher

I love teaching and simplifying complicated aspects of law into easy ways that you can understand. 


Even during law school, while most law students buried their heads into the "legalese", I was busy teaching new attorneys on how to manage client funds properly and maintain their trust accounts so they could learn how to avoid violating the legal rules of professional responsibility and ethics. 


I was then asked to publish my first Trust Account Manual on this topic as a guide for the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee - all this in just my second year of law school.

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Copyright & Disclaimer Template

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