Confidentiality Agreement / NDA Template

The only lawyer written contract template you need to protect your confidential information and trade secrets (your “secret sauce”) before talking to others about your business

What Others Say

  • Having Amira’s NDA template is super helpful to ensure that my ideas will not be made public or used for other purposes. Especially with several product ideas in mind, I do not want to risk losing my intellectual property and hence risking the future of my business. As a former Sourcing Specialist I have entered into many NDAs with suppliers so I can tell you that the template is professionally written, detailed, and comprehensive. The template is very easy to customize and use as Amira clearly highlights the sections you need to customize based on your business. I like how she included bonus sections in the template in case your business needs them. Amira is very responsive and answered questions I had about the template. I recommend Amira’s NDA template to anyone who has great ideas and wants to bring them to life – the NDA template will ensure that you can discuss your ideas with the other parties who have entered into the agreement without worrying about your ideas getting stolen.​

    Betty Boiron, Founder of Mombrite

  • As an entrepreneur and blogger, I know just how important it is to protect yourself and your business. You work hard to create the content you do, and investing in the proper resources to ensure your legal bases are covered is mission critical. I've used Amira's Legal Bundle and NDA template and can HIGHLY recommend these to any business owner. These documents would typically cost hundreds (if not thousands) to have made up by your own in-person lawyer, and Amira manages to provide a world-class legal product at an affordable price point, without sacrificing an ounce of quality! Investing in the proper legal pages and documents to protect yourself is one business expense not to overlook! 

    Chelsea Clarke, Founder of HerPaperRoute

  • I was excited to find that the Confidentiality Agreement/Non-Nondisclosure Agreement offered through Amira. It was so simple to make it specific to my site. I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed by the legal jargon used, but that was never an issue. The description and implementation was easy to understand and leaves me feeling confident in my services. Knowing that a lawyer created the legal documents takes away the worry and allows me to focus on writing content and creating an engaging site for readers. The extra bonuses make the purchase even more cost effective. I highly recommend all bloggers, regardless of your niche, purchase the important legal documents offered by Amira.

    Colleen Wildenhaus, Founder of Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Joy

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For a limited time, save extra $$$ and grab these 3 bonuses ($500 value) for free! 

NDA template bonuses!

For a limited time, save extra $$$ and grab these 3 bonuses ($500 value) for free! 

You will gain access to these 3 bonuses:

  • Prevailing Party - Attorney costs legal clause

  • Non-compete Agreement template 

  • Mediation Agreement template

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